• A Day To Remember

    A Day To Remember

    Stand Out With How many times have we just looked at our wardrobe for hours, unsure of what to wear when heading out with friends for a fun day? The warmth that we feel when we meet our friends is delayed as we spend time looking for a Pakistani lawn...

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  • The Floral Escape

    The Floral Escape

    Relive The Serenity of Spring With With the Spring season upon us, it’s time to leave the winter blues behind and embark on a new journey, an escape from the chaos of yesterday for the calm of today.   And Nuovo by Orient’s spring collection, The Floral Escape is here...

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  • Dress For Success: Work Wear by Nuovo

    Dress For Success: Work Wear by Nuovo

      The struggle of scrambling through your wardrobe in the morning, looking for the perfect outfit to wear to work is well known to all of us. It’s daunting to think that success in your career comes along with the expectation to dress the part as well. But with the...

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